Welcome to my GitHub Pages

Please refer to my online CV and GitHub account.

Hereby I summarize my GitHub projects. Hopefully this TOC will make it easier to get an idea of what technologies I am using in my projects.

Table of Contents

Machine Learning

Machine learning projects in Jupyter Notebooks using Python.

Repository Libraries
(other than *)
Progress Keywords/Description
ScienceEducationLDA]( Gensim, NLTK, scipy  
PERC_TopicModel Gensim, NLTK, scipy Topic Modeling on Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings
NER spacy Named Entity Recognition
Restaurant_TimeSeries statsmodels, scipy Time-series analysis, SARIMAX models
Presidentspeech nltk, urllib2, beautifulsoup, re, pyLDAvis, wordcloud Natural Language Processing, feature extraction, LDA, NMF, regular expressions
MITprojects nltk, gensim, urllib2, beautifulsoup, scrape, re, pyLDAvis, wordcloud Topic analysis, Web scraping, feature extraction
KalmanFiltering_ConstantVelocity   Study on Kalman filters
PredictWages_EnsembleMethods statsmodel Regressors, ensemble methods, cross-validation
PredictingWages_Regression scipy, patsy, statsmodel Regression using different libraries, feature engineering, cross-validation
ChallengerSpaceShuttle   Study on logistic regression

Standard libraries that I use in every notebook are:
* scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, matplotlib, Jupyter, and other common libraries.


Projects based on Python.

Repository Technologies
(other than Python)
Progress Description
Canvas LMS data export CanvasAPI Programmatically download data from Canvas LMS
DocOnce   Maintenance and development of the DocOnce software
Mezzanine-website Mezzanine, Django, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, SQLite Site based on Django and the Mezzanine CMS
Djangoresume Django, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, SQLite Online resume in Django
PyPuma pandas Translating to python a gene regulatory network reconstruction algorithm
PyPanda pandas Translating to python a gene regulatory network reconstruction algorithm
tantrix Tkinter, socket, event-driven programming Implementation of a puzzle game

Web technologies

Projects using HTML/CSS/javascript/etc. Other projects using web technologies are listed in the Python and InterSystems sections

Repository Technologies Progress Description
AWS FileRepo AWS, React React app for uploading/downloading files using React and AWS cloud services (Amplify, Cognito User Pools, S3 storage, etc)
Boardgame Website React, Firebase Website for boardgame groups using the BoardGameGeek API
Forum Website React, Firebase Forum website
React-Redux-CRUD-boilerplate React, Redux Boilerplate for React with Redux, reactstrap, router, running CRUD operations on API
Zero Waste Locator MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js), Google Maps API, RxJS MEAN app for searching and storing zero-waste shops on Google Maps
JSON2ngForm Angular Webpages based on Angular where a rubric (i.e. a “dynamic” form) can be stored to and built from json specification
ngSpotify Angular Angular app for searching artists on Spotify
SiteRedirect HTML, javascript, TamperMonkey TemperMonkey extension to redirect URLs
IS-ports HTML, javascript, TamperMonkey TemperMonkey extension to change ports
iGrow HTML, javascript, CSS, D3 App to track a baby’s body measurements and compare it with WHO data


Projects mainly involving InterSystems’ technologies, in particular Caché Objectscript, DeepSee (InterSystems’ Business Intelligence product), and Zen (InterSystems’ web application framework)

Repository Technologies Progress Description
DeepSeeButtons DeepSee, HTML, CSS, javascript Reporting tool to log an instance
DeepSee_CubeManagerMonitor DeepSee, amCharts, Zen Dashboard to monitor the DeepSee Cube Manager
DeepSee_TimeCharts DeepSee, amCharts, Zen Better time charts for DeepSee
DeepSee_LastFactPlugin DeepSee, Zen, javascript DeepSee plugin KPIs
DeepSee_SecurityTools DeepSee, Caché ObjectScript Class setting up security on a Caché instance
Install-Samples-BI Caché ObjectScript Automatically download and install the SAMPLES namespace on a new Caché/IRIS instance
DeepSee-USNames DeepSee, web scraping Cube and dashboards from web scraped data
DeepSee-Erdbeben DeepSee Cube and dashboards created from web scraped data


Repository Technologies Progress Description
Syntax for the Sublime Text editor Sublime Text, YAML Highlight syntax for file editor that I use for plain text files
Mint Window Manager Linux, bash Bash scripts for tiling windows in Linux Mint